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  • I’ve had this problem before and I guess I never have found a good answer. It is moving text from one format to another. I mean like from Microsoft Word to Adobe InDesign. I know that if I don’t put the text in a simple text editor to strip out the Word hidden code, I can spend all day figuring out why the letters and words don’t behave.

    come to web pages, I had the task of transfering the text on to which I eventually accomplished. This happened only after I had to justify nearly every line. That meaning when I put the html from the page I was copying into the wysiwyg editor in WordPress, WP was giving me a space between lines of text and or arbitrarily going to the next line somewhere from one word to several words along the line. I went back and edited the html outside of WordPress and got it to justify but putting it into WP again got the same result. I also realized that the wysiwyg editor was striping out the <p> from the html which is what seemed to be holding the text together in the other website. I did have to change column width from like 365px to 340px.

    Is there a more sure fire way to do this? Is there a way to know what the wysiwyg editor will like as far as html/css code?


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