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    Hey everyone, Ive got an install of WordPress and im trying to get it to keep <br> or
    tags in my posts. If i am posting an HTML story, or even typing the spaces in myself, they still get filtered out.

    I have looked at about 10 different threads, including:

    I have tried countless plugins, changing Tiny MCE.js properties, and even tried changing some things in functions-formatting.php. No luck.

    How can you have spaces in your post??? What if you want 4 or 5 lines between something? If there is a fix I would greatly appriciate a post explaining how to do this.

    Thanks in advance.

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    You’ve got the bumps, best see a doctor soon!

    Well, html really doesn’t want you to do stuff like put blank lines between paragraphs and stuff. It really really wants you to do that in css nowadays.

    If you want custom html, just turn off the visual rich editor for a user, and edit the posts with that user. That combined with editing the html source when I post satisifies most of my needs (which mainly involve not letting wordpress bust the odd bit of javascript I put in). Is this not sufficient for your needs?

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    Yeah, turn off the visual rich editor and you can put in whatever you like.

    Also, <br> is incorrect. That should be <br/>. XHTML, you know.

    Ive turned off the rich editor, AND tried putting
    tags, still no spacing at all.

    What is the problem here?

    Are you clicking the html button, and typing
    ? Then close it and save.


    Tried that with both the rich editor on and off. And with <br> and

    Nothing works.

    I recommend you cruise the plugins for something that meets your needs. You could start here >

    Alright i will look into that,

    but i find it hard to believe that no one using WordPress anywhere is happy with absolutely no spaces?

    People have to be adding spaces somehow?

    You ought have a break if you just use the enter key when editing.
    If you look at the html for this post, there should be a break between the first line and second. And they will be contained in a paragraph, I think!

    This now ought to be a paragraph on its own.

    Update: Having looked at the html for this post, i’m correct, so WordPress does use <br /> if you use the enter key and start on a new line.

    Still filtering the
    ‘s out.

    If you put 10
    tags after a paragraph, by hitting enter, or manually adding them in yourself, in the Rich editor or NOT, they still get filtered.

    Right there, it filtered out the break tag in my previous post, which again proves what im saying.

    What if you wanted to have 10 spaces, can you do it?

    I mentioned at the beginning of this thread that css is where this should actually be done anyway. html itself likes to not display extra space characters for example. we’re supposed to separate style from content these days. css is where we can easily customize the space before a paragraph.

    are you open to doing it with css? I’d be happy to give you an example if you are.

    I dont really care what I use, but I want to be able to easily publish something with spaces, lets say, 10 if i wanted to without too much trouble.

    I was having the same problem. Here’s how you can use an inline style to add space:

    <p style=”line-height: 15pt”>

    Use whatever you want on the line-height property to suit your needs:

Viewing 15 replies - 1 through 15 (of 32 total)
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