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    I recently moved my website to a self hosted new address, but still keep the old website for the time being ( Transferring the blogs I only copied the blog html from within the WordPress app and added it via the WordPress app into new posts on the new website. First I thought that I will move the images later to the new website, but now I only vaguely read something about caching and that it is sometimes advisable to keep content divided on different servers. Most of the images on my new site are still fed from the old WordPress site. Now the new website is stored on a server which does not seem to be all that good, from what I can say, while the old is on a WordPress server. Is it advisable to serve the images (and perhaps also videos) on my new website from the old WordPress site?

    The page I need help with: [log in to see the link]

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    Dividing content is only advisable under certain conditions. If you do this, you should be using a CDN intended for the purpose. Caching plugins can make efficient use of a CDN to improve page speed performance. I’m not convinced a caching plugin would be able to efficiently utilize a server.

    There is a slight advantage to serve everything from one server because only one connection needs to be maintained. It takes time to make another new connection. A typical CDN is performant enough to more than offset that extra time. The same may be true for if your principal server isn’t all that performant. Or it may not make that much difference. Ideally you’d use a caching plugin and an appropriate CDN that the plugin can utilize.

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    Thanks you.

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