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    I am trying to create a page with thumbnails of a number of images, some with portrait orientation and others landscape. I do not want them cropped, and I want to keep the same aspect ratio as the full sized images. That would be 100x130px for the portrait thumbnails and 130x100px for the landscape thumbnails. I tried doing them as separate galleries setting the size under “Options”, hoping I could set different options for each gallery, but that is apparently not the case. If I set the dimensions to 100x130px, the gallery of portrait thumbnails displays correctly, but the images in the landscape one are resized and cropped to fit the portrait ratio. If I change the dimensions to 130x100px, the landscape thumbnails display correctly, but the portrait ones are cropped and resized to fit the landscape ratio. It seems like there must be a way to fix this, but I cannot find it. I don’t mind editing code if that is what it takes. I just want to make it work. Thanks for any help.

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    Dear @debbie53,

    Sorry for the belated response.

    If you have 2 separate galleries for portraits and landscapes, you should adjust their options separately.

    If you generate a shortcode from the options for the first gallery, please make sure to adjust it as needed and then use the shortcode to publish the gallery ( screenshot ).
    Generate a new shortcode for the second gallery and make the changes for the new one.

    You can edit the gallery options from the post as well. Check this GIF

    Please let us know how it worked.




    Dear @asyag,

    I just saw your reply, as it got lost among all of the junk in my Inbox. I have been trying to adjust the options through the menu on the dashboard, but whenever I do, it changes the options for all of the galleries, not just the one I want to change.

    I have never worked with shortcodes. I learned to create web pages with raw HTML, Javascript, PHP, etc. twenty years ago, before WordPress existed. This is a whole different way of doing things that I am trying to get used to. I guess my next step will have to be finding a tutorial or two on shortcodes. The problem is that I am working on this site for someone else, and it is time sensitive.

    Thanks for trying to help me.



    My problem is that I am not used to working with point and click, and not knowing where all the pieces of the page are coming from and how they relate to each other. I think I have finally figured it out.

    First I have to create a gallery of my portrait images for the page, give it a name, and save and publish it. Then I have to do the same for the landscape images. Next I have to insert two photo gallery blocks into the page, click on the icon for each block individually, and edit and save the options.

    What I think was confusing me is that on the “Options” page, under “Gallery”, I was leaving the default “All images”, instead of selecting the gallery I wanted, thinking there would be somewhere else to choose the images for that block. Then I ended up getting both galleries with the same settings.

    It is easy once I understand how the interface works, but it took many hours of frustration to get to this point. Thanks again. 🙂

    Plugin Support Zhanna Khachatryan


    Hello @debbie53,

    I am very sorry that this has taken a lot of time from you to understand how the gallery works.

    So options you see under Photo gallery menu item applies to all the galleries.

    But if you want to select special options for each gallery then you can play with shortcode options as you have already done.

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