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    I have a website that is already indexed under www. I wish to add subdomains using WordPress Multi Site but still keep www. on the root domain.

    I have tried setting up a network on but the subdomains appear as,
    Thank you

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  • You don’t have to keep www.

    You can just redirect anything coming to www to go to and not lose any index ranking.

    Thanks, I know about this. But I am dealing with someone (the owner) who is adamant on keeping the www in place 🙂 Is there a work around?

    BTW, thanks for the fast reply

    And I take it explaining that there is absolutely zero SEO difference between having, or not having, the www helped?

    When you use www in your root domain, the subdomain.www thing is a fairly common problem (which is why we advocate not using it for Multisite). Another reason is that if someone goes to, they often get redirected to an error page. Really, Multisite works best with non-www.

    (You can look into forcing it as to your server default in DNS)

    I have a meeting with the owner tomorrow and will explain this more 🙂 Hope he understands. Thanks. I will mark this as resolved.

    Good luck! I’ve been there, banging my head on the wall trying to point out ‘You hired me because I’m the expert. Why u no listen!?’

Viewing 5 replies - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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