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  • Some time I use the “raw” html editor to write special post that need code inside it. As known, the rich editor is not always compatible with such code. So, when reopening a post (and forgetting that it has inside spacil code) one can destroy the original content.

    If possible, store the “last” editor used for the post and open the post with such an editor.

    Or give the possibility to have a real pure html post, marked with a flag, that bypass the texturize filter and other embedded post typographic transformation filters.

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  • I believe that the coming version 2.5 will know, and use, the last editor used. So if you write a post with the ‘HTML’, the next post or page you write will start with the ‘HTML’ editor.

    To be more precise, I don’t need to have wordpress remebering the last editor I used when creating a new post (or page) but the editor I used when I created that specific post.

    We can read this request in another manner: have a way to create a post or page in pure HTML (text) mode (a textarea) and use this mode when that post (page) is edited.

    But this means to “flag” that post/page. for people like me who create special pages containing services, it’s foundamental to have the code kept untouched. Now i use a plugin and include the code from an external file (which can be a php to).

    May be it is absolutely unuseful to other people :-)…

    I think remembering “last used” is very nice. I’ve had contributors erase a bunch of extra code by simply trying to help. It can’t hurt. Great idea!!

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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