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  • h8dk97


    Hi there,

    Do you know of a plugin that allows not to display posts that you choose on the index page, they would still appear on the archive pages.

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  • moshu


    Only by categories, not on a post by post basis.
    If interested:



    This may still be what I’m looking for, thank you.



    Seeing as this was posted a whole 8 months ago, has any new suggestions popped up since? I’m looking for a plugin that could do something like this as well. Hopefully without the category restriction. (:

    Just an update, not really help for ‘fantasycrusader’. I use something similar for editing. You can get it over here:

    Limiting Categories can be made via User-Role… e.g. Admin can edit in all categories, author only to some.. and so on.

    But i´d be really thankful, if someone knows a restriction-plugin so user-roles can only SEE limited cats. Thank you.



    That’s cool. (: I’ve never thought of using something like that but I think I may need it as well. Kuddos.

    Meanwhile, I’m still on the hunt for the plugin mentioned in this thread, hopefully without category restrictions. ^^

    Well… I suppose you could look into a bit of theme hacking. Perhaps with a custom field (see Using_Custom_Fields) and then modify The_Loop to exlude posts with a custom field at a certain value?

    Something to ponder at any rate.

    I put something together that seems to work.

    read your article on your site. the using-cutsome-fields is very useful. so many unexplored territory 😀



    Hey Handy! Sorry it took me so long to get back to you but I’ve just read your suggestion and it sounds great! The explanation was written in a way that even non coder could understand (because I did. ^_^) and I have to say, this is gonna give me much flexibility! No longer bounded by categories. ^_^

    Two Thumbs up!

Viewing 9 replies - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)
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