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  • Background: I frequently need to paste text into WordPress from documents that have a single return between each paragraph.

    On 3.8.3, I was able to hit the “paste plain text” button and check the “Keep linebreaks” button in the popover menu, and everything rendered perfectly (that is, each return yielded a new paragraph).

    Now whenever I use paste as plaintext, there is no “keep linebreaks” button that I can find anywhere, and all my pasted returns come out as single br tags.

    This is a big enough problem with my workflow that unless I can find a way to get the paragraph breaks without manually hitting backspace-return on every paragraph, I’ll probably have to revert to 3.8.3.

    Am I missing something? Did the feature just move someplace else where I can’t find it?

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    there is no “keep linebreaks” button that I can find anywhere

    The first time you use that button, you should see a popup detailing what the option does and that, if you wish to paste in from Word, you should turn off “paste as plain text”.

    Where do you “turn off” paste as plain text? in 3.9



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    Just click that button again.

    My issue is I have a newspaper that is taking from Adobe Indesign and WP is taking the paragraph breaks <p> and changing them to breaks
    and that is totally messing up the formatting now compared to the way they were doing it. Toggling the button doesn’t seem to help.



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    Leave the button alone! Just try pasting in your text.

    Regardless of whether I have the “paste as text” option turned on or not, I can’t get it to handle pasted text the way it used to. I’ll try to explain a little better…

    When I paste from, for example, an InDesign document, there’s a return between each paragraph. In 3.8.3, when I clicked the “paste as text” button and checked the “keep linebreaks” button in upper right corner of the popup, the pasted text ended up like this:

    <p>This is the first paragraph.</p>
    <p>This is the second paragraph.</p>
    <p>This is the third paragraph.</p>

    … which is exacly how I wanted it.

    Now, it comes out like this:

    <p>This is the first paragraph.<br />This is the second paragraph.<br />This is the third paragraph.</p>

    I’m trying to get back to where pasting text that had returns in it results in WordPress treating those pasted returns as real paragraph breaks, not line breaks.

    What happens if you don’t press ‘paste as text’ but let TinyMCE4 honor the formatting?

    I’ve tried it both with the default and with TinyMCE Advanced installed, and it just puts in br tags.

    I have the same problem can’t copy and paste any text from email or word file now, it’s the same if the button is pressed or not, not only does it remove all the line breaks, but when I add new line breaks as soon as i save or publish they all disappear and I’m left with one massive block of text, this is a serious issue for me and has now put my business at risk, I get sent about 200 emails a day often urgent appeals from police and now i can’t post them

    I’ve found that when I install CKEditor, it performs the way I want it to … but ONLY on my Mac using Safari. On the Windows 7 machines where it’ll need to be used in our actual workflow, I’ve tried Chrome, Firefox and Safari, with no luck. (It is, naturally, even more messed up in IE.)

    This SHOULD be fixed in 3.9.1 if I understand what was tweaked properly.

    Do you know when that release is scheduled?

    I am having similar problems, as I have to paste newspaper articles from Quarkxpress into WordPress.

    Except if I use the Visual side of the editor, whether or not the “Paste as Text” button is clicked, it pastes all my text with NO line breaks! Everything just runs together!

    All I have been able to do is move over to the Text (code) side and paste it there, and that at least gives me soft breaks.

    This still has severely impacted my workflow, so I hope WordPress addresses it very soon.

    This is a major flaw in the new version. The “Paste as Text” button doesn’t do anything as far as I can tell. I regularly need to copy announcements sent to me as emails, and ever line is seen as a paragraph that I have to manually change to continue the line. I definitely miss that old feature.

    The update doesn’t seem to have fixed this. Does anybody know of a way to bring back the old functionality?

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