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  • What has happened to the option to check or uncheck the “keep line breaks” box when pasting text? The new button, which claims to allow us to toggle between plain text and rich content pasting, does not seem to make any difference. Now when I paste, especially from e-mails sent to me (the main way I get new information for my site) each line is treated as having a line break. The old method worked perfectly. What to do now?

    This is a continuing problem originally posted as

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  • Sorry — I didn’t see this thread when posting my continuation. Please feel free to lock or delete my new thread at

    This is an aspect of how TinyMCE changed (not WP, it’s weird, I know). We’re looking at fixing it so that’s back, but right now we can’t without breaking other things. This is one of the downsides to a new version of 3rd party code :/

    Ah, yes. I noticed many strange things to TinyMCE and so I deactivated it. Do you recommend reinstalling TinyMCE or waiting. Thank you.

    How did you deactivate TinyMCE? o.O It’s built into WP.

    I thought it was a Plugin. Maybe I’m thinking of a plugin I had to give advanced features to it. All I know is that the new version messed up my tables and the buttons to insert date and time. At the moment I have TinyMCE Advanced Enables advanced features and plugins in TinyMCE, the visual editor in WordPress. Version 4.0.2 | By Andrew Ozz

    Ah! TinyMCE Advanced is a plugin 😀 And Ozz is the guy who wrote not just that plugin, but folded TinyMCE into WP core! 😀 So you have the best and the best right now, when it comes to options for TinyMCE.

    What is the plugin not doing, exactly, that it used to? There’s a lot of things changed, and since I don’t use it as you do, telling us “It broke!” doesn’t help us help you get to a solution. So what we need is “I used to be able to paste excel tables, now I can’t” sort of thing (and the answer to that is “We’re fixing that in core as best we can, but it’ll be a while since it’s complex.”

    Honestly, if anything I think we need more people like you, who use TinyMCE to the extreme, testing the betas! I don’t use it like that, so I can’t cause the errors we should have caught before releases :/

    Well, the main complaint — hence this post — is the loss of the two ways to paste text. There used to be one button for paste as text and another for paste as word. I can’t speak for both, but the text one opened a box that allowed us to select or deselect “Keep Line Breaks.” This meant that any text could be pasted from any source and go in as a single paragraph if one deselected “Keep Line Breaks.” That’s what so many of us are missing. Now it only pastes with line breaks, which is super annoying if you are pasting a lot. Especially happens when the original copied text is from an email or PDF.

    There also used to be buttons for inserting date and time. Now it is a drop down menu, which is slower, and there are not as many format choices. I used to choose the option with the month spelled out, day, year format. Now my only similar option is mm/dd/yyyy, which is fine but not as elegant as Month day, year.

    The new version of WP screwed up all my tables, which I use fairly frequently. Little by slowly I am recreating them with the new table feature, but I hope it doesn’t happen again!

    The HTML version (Text rather than Visual) seems to have lost its button to insert a paragraph start and paragraph end.

    That’s all I can think of for now.

    I am amazed such a simple error is allowed to have such a disastrous effect across the globe!

    Are we any the wiser when the issue will be resolved?



    We are having a similar problem at the newspaper I work for. When our editorial team copy/paste from their old version of Quark Express to WP 3.9.1 all the line breaks are removed making one big paragraph. I reproduced the problem in a clean install of 3.9.1 without any added themes or plugins… with the same results.

    Before the upgrade, editorial would use the Plain text popup to paste and that would preserve the paragraphs.

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    Philip? Your problem is not the same. Per the forum welcome can you please post your own topic?

    Will this be added back then in wp 3.9.2?

    I do hope so master412160 !!

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    It’s a little unclear to me but if you are referring to an option from TinyMCE v3 then likely it won’t. WordPress now uses TinyMCE v4.

    Do you know if the TinyMCE Advanced plugin gives you the option you are looking for?

    I am confused Jan.
    This issue sits within WordPress – irrespective of whether TinyMCE is activated or not.
    Switching between ‘Visual’ and ‘Text’ removes lines breaks and paragraphs.



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    Don’t switch editing tabs. That’s the fastest way to remove some (or all) of your markup. Pick an editor tab and stick to it.

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