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    @boib1222 first thanks for taking the time to leave a review. Can I dig a little more into what you think should be learnt from Shopify and Joomla?

    Sure 🙂

    They are WordPress Competitors and they are waiting such a mistake to take in as much customers as possible to their Systems.

    Just learn from history how Digg lost the battle against Reddit when they forced huge changes without listening to their users. We are theme developers and we know what we are talking about. Such huge changes with make people migrate to more straight forward systems like Drupal and Shopify.

    Here is Digg Mistake as narrated by Mircea Goia on Quora question, I quote here:

    last major redesign which alienated the power users of the site which in turn started to post on Diggs links to Reddit, flooding it (and making Reddit more known – until that moment, Reddit was trailing Digg). Digg should have listened to those power users (actually, some gave feedback before the new re-design was launched but Diff ignore it).

    Digg had too few users who could control the whole site: the power users. It should have had more users like those, not less (you know what happens when the power in concentrated in just a few hands). But I guess this came with the design, Digg being among the first social news websites out there and was basically an experiment (nobody had a clear idea how a social news site will turn on). Other sites which followed learned from Digg’s experience.

    Please do not make Digg mistake and listen to all those negative responses.

    I agree that WordPress needs a block backend Drag and drop builder, but this should be introduced with very slow steps, maybe one block at a time as shortcodes and optional. Just like what WordPress did when it introduced WYIWYG in Text widget. Slow but nice.

    Kindly take our comments into consideration, although I doubt you do.

Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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