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  • Hello, I continuously get a few different 404 errors related to images:


    What does this mean and any suggestions on what I can do about these? Are the last two spammy? The first one is a favicon image from the past, but I’m not sure what the next right step to take would be in rectifying this error from occurring multiple times a day.

    Thanks! – Jen

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  • SE’s look for certain images in all websites Jenn, these all refer to Favicons. Do you have some sorta FAVICON plugin in you use?

    My fav is:

    I figured it kept bumping into this certain image and it couldn’t find it, because yes, I used to have a favicon plugin but I do not anymore (hence the error). Still not sure what the “apple touch png” is, but I do know what the favicon image is, or used to be anyway. Just not sure how to fix it from being an error hundreds of times.

    I fixed the “heartfavicon” image! It was misplaced in my file manager under another theme rather than the correct (genesis) theme. I simple moved that image through my Cpanel dashboard to the theme that it was supposed to be in. The “apple-touch-icon” images, however, are nothing that I created on my end. Perhaps spam? Should I just not worry about it? Thanks again.

    Jenn, SE’s look for favicons, apple touch icons, cause SE’s expect to see them. Meaning, you need to implement the above or similar plugin, cause its expected in current standards web design.

    IE: just like 404 pages are expected, like 301’s are expected, like so may other “standards” are expected.

Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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