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  • hello everybody,

    for a couple of days now, whenever I try to open the admin dashboard of my website:

    The “Nothing found for” at a 404 error page!
    what i also notices that this happens alot and then if i clear my cashe or change my browser it would let me in for about 5 minutes normally and then pops up again!

    I also noticed that since the beginning of this problem, that sometimes the JS, CSS, and images files fail to load as well.

    I tried to log in from a different IP , change browsers completely and the problem still exists.

    Some people suggested to remove the .htaccess completely and regenerate it again by heading to the permalinks settings. And some other people suggested to reinstall WordPress all over again. (though mine is the latest 3.1.2)
    Any help is highly appreciated.

    Thank you.

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  • esmi


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    These all sound like server issues to me…

    well, in that case, What do I need to do exactly?

    Is there anything in particular I should be asking my hosting company which is “JustHost” by the way?



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    Well, it sounds like the server is slow or overloaded if it’s failing to respond correctly to requests for very different resources and file types (.php, .css, .js and image files). Is there any pattern to the problems? Are they more common at certain times of day? Or do they occur approx every x minutes? This sort of info might help your hosts determine if another site on your server is hogging resources.

    If you have access to server error logs, there might be errors in there that would help to pinpoint the problem.

    I wish I can determine a pattern for the error but I don’t seem to find an obvious one.

    The funny thing is, I don’t see the website correctly, but everybody else can, including me sometimes, but for almost 4 hours now I can’t even see beyound the homepage which doesn’t load the css, js, nor the images.

    My host responded by saying that they can not see anything wrong with the website. I used a website called and it views alright without any problems!

    I changed computers with different IP from a different ISP and the problem still exists!

    I’ll try to look at the error log file and see if anything is coming up in there.

    I’ve been using Super Cashe whithout any problems at all for the last 4 months by the way.

    Could it be anything related to WordPress what so ever?



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    I used a website called and it views alright without any problems!

    That’s what is so infuriating about intermittent problems. It’s catching them at the right time. Deactivating any and all plugins might be worth a try but I’ve never known a caching plugin affect wp-admin before. Guess there’s always a first time though…

    Gut instinct says that it’s not a core WP issue. I’d expect see more fatal crashes and/or database query issues if it was. But it could be something within the install’s set up. Whilst you’re testing without plugins, try resetting your permalinks back to their default settings and renaming the .htaccess file in your wordpress folder. If any of this works, reverse the changes one-by-one to see if you can pinpoint the problem area.

    well, just now, through Chrome Incognito’s mood I managed to login fine to the admin area! the normal chrome would not let me!

    This is really awkward!

    Other browsers also wouldn’t display the website correctly or they would return the “Nothing Found for…” message!

    If i turn off permalinks and renamed the .htaccess file, will that affect accessing the existing pages?

    In other words, a blog post with the following name:

    If i change/turn off permalinks and then rename the .htaccess file, will this post still be accessible?

    Oh God!
    Now I can’t even log in using the incognito mood in Chrome. This is insane!

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