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    I think I’ve just finished moving my site over to a new host. Everything seems to be working now except…

    Inside the admin section, each page I click on logs me out and puts me back at the login page. When I log in there, it puts me at the page I was trying to go to in the first place.

    Also, when I try to enable a new plugin, it tells me I need to enable referrers. I’ve checked my Firefox config, and everything is good to go.

    I’ve blanked out my htaccess wondering if something wonky was there, but no bones. Also, my install is in a subfolder off the main directory ( if that makes any difference.

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  • Check to make sure that if your site is “WordPress address (URI)” and “Blog address (URI)” under Options > General are set correctly and not to something else like

    Okay, I thought that might be the problem. But the “send referral” problem seems to be preventing me from making the necessary changes.

    Is there a file where that’s stored? In the database? I checked wp-config, but no bones.

    It’s in the db in the options table (maybe “wp_options” depending on your tables’ prefixes). If you use something like phpMyAdmin you should be able to change it.

    What in the wp_options under phpMyAdmin would you change?

    (I’m having the same logging out problem, despite all my cookies being enabled, etc.)

    I think it was the siteurl.

    I changed that, had no luck, then went to my wife’s computer in disgust. Of course, all was well there, which makes me think it was a propagation problem. Probably was pulling the php from the new host and the MySQL from the old host.

    Or something like that. It’s working now! (You can see it at—at least on one of my computers so far 😉

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