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  • Hello,

    I’m not terribly techy and I am getting a bit frustrated.

    I am finding that I am locked out of my entire server quite regularly.
    It appears to be triggered by something on my home computer, and has something to do with my WordPress blog, When it happens, I have to turn off my router and restart it, presumably to generate a new ip address for my computer on the dynamic i.p. system. However, until I do that, all my devices on my home network are shut out of my server: they can’t update Owncloud files or download my emails.

    Once I’ve restarted the router everything works fine: my email server, my cpanel, my standalone html homepage, my owncloud contacts and calendar, until I do anything on my blog, like post or update, or change a widget setting. Then I’m locked out again. Grrr!

    I took off Jetpack, and that seemed to help for a minute (I can get into the blog through my phone’s 4g connection, which is, of course, a different i.p. address) but now it’s done it again and I am losing my sense of humour.

    Does anyone have a course of action they would undertake to identify what’s wrong? I am considering wiping my hard drive and reinstalling my operating system, as I think it must be some sort of setting or configuration that’s triggering the WordPress lock out, but that is a huge faff and I thought I’d see if anyone could suggest something.

    Kind regards,


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    When you’re locked out, do you see an error message? If so, would you please quote the error message?

    If you’re being locked out of the server, then it’s not a WordPress issue.

    What it sounds like is that something on your system is trying to log into your server using incorrect details. When I’ve seen this in the pst 99% of the time it’s been an email address that wasn’t configured correctly. But you will need to check the log files on your server to find what the actual issue is.

    As it only seems to happen to you when you’re on the website, I’d look at the Apache error logs to see if there’s anything there. After that check to see if there’s any request limit on your server, as the admin area can generate a few requests that you wouldn’t expect.

    Thank you both.

    James, no error message: just anti-clockwise spinning thingy in both Firefox and Chromium, until the request times out.

    Catacaustic (I love your avatar), I will settle down for a good rummage this afternoon, and let you know what I find.

    Thank you.

    Sounds more like you’re triggering a rule in your web host’s Intrusion Detection System that is blocking you at their firewall.

    Have you tried contacting your host and asking them why you’re getting blocked? They should be able to tell you the reason, which will help to determine what on your computer is triggering their IDS.

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    I agree. Normally, with that description, I’d immediately suspect a fault in the browser, but if you have the same problem in two browsers but not on your cell network with a different IP, then it just sounds like a server-level block that isn’t kicking out an error message.

    Thanks everyone.

    I’ve contacted my host. They’re usually fairly quick about responding, so I hope to know soon about the IDS (ironically, there’s a very unpopular politician here in the UK who uses that as a nickname).

    Meanwhile, I’ve got to reset my router again. πŸ™

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    You’re welcome!

    Well, that was disappointing.

    we dont support wordpres,… we are a OWNCLOUD hoster so we dont can check anything related to scripts we dont offer nor support

    Best Regards / Mit freundlichen Grüßen
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    OwnCube – Support and Billing team

    You said the wrong thing in your email.

    What you are describing is normally the servers firewall. That comes into play way before any web stuff, even Apache, and a very long way before WordPress is even loaded.

    Because you are having all of the server systems blocked, not just WordPress, the server is locking you out. You should be able to ask the hosting company to white-list your IP address (assuming that it’s static) or get them to tell you what service is causing the lock out in their systems.

    Goodness, if I was dealing with a company that responded so unprofessionally I would run for the hill immediately.

    To be fair to Owncube, she has responded to my subsequent explanations, (thanks again, catacaustic: really helpful, but they can’t find a block on their firewall) and is suggesting I try a tracert-this will be my first play with gnome nettools.

    Also, they are really cheap and very strong on responsible hosting, with privacy guarantees, servers outside the EU and green energy making up a large amount of their power. I suppose they have to limit their staffing to keep the prices down. Also, she’s responding in a second language, which can lead to misunderstandings of tone.

    They’ve always been quite cool in the past. If I had to bet money, I would say the likelihood is that this mess was my fault in the first place. I am learning as I go with computers and the internet, and I do sometimes fiddle with things without complete knowledge.

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    Unfortunately, what you’re describing is a textbook block on the server’s end.

    If you aren’t running any security plugins, and you haven’t set up any security system on your hosting plan outside of WordPress, then it is definitely server-level security.

    Hi guys. Just an update.

    The traceroute said I was reaching their server, allegedly (it’s beyond my ability to understand, although it did record a remote IP address). The hosting company think the trouble is to do with routingtables at my ISP.
    Fortunately, my ISP is a vast international affair, with call centres in India staffed by IT graduates. I got a very cool guy who waited patiently while I fired up my work laptop (I’d forgotten they’d not be able to hook up to an Ubuntu machine) and he spent an hour doing diagnostics on our connection and router, but to no avail.
    He has “elevated” my problem, which sounds gratifying, and I’ll be getting a call in a couple of days from an engineer.

    I just want to say how cool this forum is. It’s like the Ubuntu forums were about five years ago: I am very grateful for your support and moved by your expertise and generosity. I use open source software, not because I enjoy working on computers, but because I believe free printing presses make for a fairer world, but I do sometimes get bogged down and a bit of reassuringly knowledgeable support really reduces the tension.

    So, thank you again.

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    You’re welcome! πŸ™‚

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