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  • Hey guys. This is a bit of a dirty request but it is just temporary until a plugin gets a fix…

    I’m using a plugin to duplicate posts.. The front-end displays images attached to these posts in a carousel.. The problem is that a duplicated post does not duplicate the attached files – it creates new attachments which reference the same files.

    so you have 2 posts with seemingly separate attachments which reference one file. You also have what looks like 2 separate instances of the same file if you look in the media library (but again these both reference 1 file).

    My problem is that if the user deletes one of these attachments it will delete not only the reference to the attachment but the actual file which is still being referenced by the remaining attachment in the original or duplicated post(i hope this makes sense).

    Is there a way that i can hack wordpress so that it appears that wordpress has done all of the deleting of files as requested (removing one instance of the attachment from media library and the attachment from the relevant post), but actually leaves the files in wp-uploads for the remaining attachments to the file?

    Thanks in advance


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