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  • I finally have something to post on here! Yay!
    I have completed a redesign of my portfolio site (still very much in its infancy). There is still tons of work to be done on it but I hope it’s something new for you. If there is any problems with it please let me know and let me know what you think.
    Kanga Design Studio
    Note: I am very new to the css/xhtml community, so I am positive that I did not code my site the way it’s “supposed” to be, but it validated for me for both the xhtml transitional and css.

    Joey Esquivel

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  • I love it! Congrats! – my only gripe would be the scrollbar. But that’s just me – I have a thing against them in general.

    What browsers have you seen it in can I ask ?

    it should look fine in xp/ie6. Thats what I had at home and looked fine.
    I knew I should have checked all browsers before posting this! 😛

    I was just curious. It all looks really cool to me on FF 9X .

    Ah ok, you worried us for a second there!

    Two things:
    1) While it looks cool, you have no background color specified. Distracts for those of us who use alt colors in our browsers (mainly to catch such things on our own sites).
    2) It’s personal thing, but I *really* dislike such tiny scroll windows. There’s no background color in the scroll window either.
    OK, the unpleasantries aside, It’s a great site, and while I don’t care for the tiny scroll area, it’s one of the best implementations I’ve seen doing it – and doing it right I may add.
    I should also note I’m using FF0.8 to view the site, and it looks a-ok (other that two items at the top).

    Well I have read the CSS you understand.

    <quote>Yea I knew many people would not like the tiny window . It was a risk.</quote> stick to your guns…. I believe that one’s site should be a reflection of the author. I like the sketches and as I said, you’ve been able to pull of the scrolling window beautifuly with it. It works, and you like it, that’s all that should matter.
    I’ve had similar complaints about my site, but it’s currently the way that I like it and that’s all that counts.
    I see the background color is now set…… mucho better.

    Hey, I see that you got the email to blog thing working – or is that my imagination? What did it take to get it to work? I’ve never been able to get it to work. No errors, but no posts either.

    Not your imagination. Thats a tried and true email to blog test that actually worked. I just created an email and changed the info in the admin options in WP. Then just emailed that email address with my real email. (confused yet?) I made sure I set it to text format before I sent the email. I don’t have a cron job set yet (I did for that test and it worked fine) so I just went to my address bar in the browser and called the wp-mail.php file and TA-DA — it worked.
    I dont usually post using email that much becuase I really havn’t had the need to. I’m sure once I start getting more visitors to my site and I get a cell phone or palm pilot with internet access then I can email my site and post that way… till then, its easier for me just to use the admin menu. Plus, I use IE and that allows for my wysiwyg to work. You can’t really do that with the email… or maybe you can… MORE TESTING!! 🙂

    I already have allot of templates for WP that I created (trying to come up with a design that I liked for my site). When I get more “settled in” my site, I will start publishing more templates for wp for others to use.
    I think that’s why I have loved WP more than any other blog prog. GJ Wp Dev Team!!

Viewing 11 replies - 1 through 11 (of 11 total)
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