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  • I started to have problems with intermittent performance of my website last year – sometimes crippling performance that would end in time-outs of my website. January was the worst month for this. I finally got someone from support at my web server company to assess this, and they say that Kadom Ads Management is the cause as it spawns multiple (4-5) PHP processes at 40MB each with 1 page view, which surpases my 90MB of available RAM.

    I LOVE Kadom Ads Management. Any suggestions on how I could get this to work in a shared environment?? Thanks for you help!! Chris

    Here is the original email sent from tech support:
    I’m afraid I’m still seeing your processes spiking up as high as 40MB of memory usage when a page is actually being processed. It also looks like a single request is causing multiple PHP processes to spawn. Upon inspecting your access logs I think this is what’s causing it:
    /wp-content/plugins/kadom-ads-management/view.php?id=27 /wp-content/plugins/kadom-ads-management/view.php?id=23 /wp-content/plugins/kadom-ads-management/view.php?id=28 /wp-content/plugins/kadom-ads-management/view.php?id=12 /wp-content/plugins/kadom-ads-management/view.php?id=2 /wp-content/plugins/kadom-ads-management/view.php?id=18
    All of the above requests were made on one page load. Notice that they’re all requesting separate id’s. It’s normal for one browser view of a page to send multiple requests to the webserver, but generally those requests are for static resources like images, css, or javascript files. In this case, it’s sending multiple requests for additional PHP scripts which are then causing additional PHP processes to spawn to handle those requests.”

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  • sorry..forgot an essential… my website is

    One correction. My web host says the the Kadom Ad Manager takes up 40MB total to spawn the 4-5 PHP connections per page (not per process); however, when I have multiple pages served during busy times it is hobbling my site. Any suggestions??? I’d like to continue to use Kadom.

    Either no one cares or no one knows. Either way, it does not matter any longer. I uninstalled Kadom Ads and sure enough, my website is lightening fast again. Even more a surprise is that my WordPress admin area is fast again.

    I didn’t believe my webhost’s assessment of this, but they happened to be right on this one. I’d recommend that users in a shared server environment avoid Kadom Ads at all costs.


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