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    I use the Kadence theme and have exeperienced instability in many of their blocks that pull data dynamically from ACF. I suspect the issue may be a conflict between Kadence and Parmalink Manager. You’ve already solved one conflict with pagination.

    Are you aware of more general conflicts that would break blocks? These Kadence blocsk will work fine for some time, and then fail to load with recovery options.


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  • Plugin Author Maciej Bis


    Hi again @bergerlaw,

    Unfortunately I have not tested Permalink Manager with Kadence Blocks plugin. However, if the problem only occurs occasionally, I doubt it is a Permalink Manager issue. If this were the case, the problem would remain with each page load.

    Based on your description, the problem you are experiencing is most likely “memory exhausted error”. The PHP error logs should include some information about the cause of this problem if you have access to them.

    You can also try to debug this issue (if it happens again) using the browser’s console log:


    Plugin Author Maciej Bis


    As I already stated, I have not tested the Kadence Block yet. So far, though, there have been no reports of any other problems with Kadence Blocks from other users besides the pagination problem that will be fixed in the next version.

    Please reopen this thread if you experience a problem that only occurs when the Permalink Manager is on and automatically resolves itself when it is off.

Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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