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  • I’m working on two weblogs using the K2 theme and I have 2 questions.

    1. One one of them ( I want to use a static image in the header (instead of the blank blue field). Right now, I am using the sample.css K2 scheme. Where and what code do i insert so that it points to an image?

    2. On the other weblog ( ) , I am also using the K2 sample.css theme and followed the directions to rotate the images (as discussed here ( ) and nothing happens. I followed the directions. What am i doing wrong?

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  • whew after 4 hours of trial and error – i figured it out!


    i have the same problem (number 1). pls tell me how to fix it…


    Save yourselves some grief and get this plugin – K2 Pic Upload:

    I’ve just installed K2 and the K2 image upload/rotation plug in, however I can not get any images to show up in the header at all. Any basic things I should be doing / checking that I have missed in reviewing the forum posts and readme files?

    site is

    would appreciate any help/guidance anyone can provide to a beginner

    I’m not familiar with that plugin. Like I said above, I use K2 Pic Upload.
    For mine, you go to admin -> Presentation -> K2 Picture Upload Options.
    I set everything there and it works great. There’s also a setting for rotating pics if you want.
    Perhaps you have something similar in your admin?

    I installed that plug in because of your post above, and i have those options in my admin panel. However, No matter what I do, i cant get any pics to show up, much less rotate. I either get just the blue, or all white. When i upload a pic I can see it in the drop down list, but it never shows on the site. I think i must be missing something….

    If you’ve got a few minutes to help me out and maybe take a look, you can msg me on aim, my nick is ‘hackthegame’

Viewing 6 replies - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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