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  1. abrock
    Posted 4 years ago #

    I have a blog with K2 theme. I point at page titles seen on the top line. When doing so, I expect titles of possible daughter pages to be displayed, before clicking. That can be seen at the home site of K2. (The same occurs in Twentyten.)
    However no daugter pages appear at my blog, so the daughter pages cannot be accessed this way.
    The pages-widget works ok, though, with all children showing.
    I use the Norwegian translation of WordPress, 3.0.1.
    Anybody who can help?

  2. That can be seen at the home site of K2

    no - it can't.

    k2 has no dropdown pages menu.

  3. abrock
    Posted 4 years ago #

    When I point at "About" at K2's home, what seems to be a daughter page, "colophone" is seen. And when clicked at, the Colophone page is displayed.

  4. ok - you are right;
    i only checked in IE7.

    the dropdown shows in firefox and safari, for instance; it does not show in IE7 :-(

    the site seems to be using a suckerfish menu.

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