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  • I want to increase the space between my post text and my right sidebar. What is this simple concept called in css? How do I do it?
    Please see image. I am using K2.

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  • how do I make a bigger margin between the primary and secondary columns?

    Hi grantrl78,

    please look at the style.css of your K2 theme. You have to change the pixel size of the content (it’s called narrowcolumn or widecolumn in the default theme) and the sidebar.

    Copy your original K2 style.css and use the copy for experiments. Change step by step and check what happens if you change this or that. But do it step by step. If you change something and you can’t see online a difference, then go back and change the next thing. When you know what you have changed then write an comment like this:

    /* Begin link styles*/

    (. links { bla bla bla)

    /* End link styles */

    If you want to change a colour (e.g.) and you don’t want to lose the old colour then disable the old one

    background: #FFFFFF;
    /* background: #000000; */


    Thanks ben. I got it. Worked on a backup like you said. I had to make the content space smaller and then increased the padding. As in padded cell I guess. I will be glad when we get to adjust margins and line width, leading and alignment without screwing with code. One day. I logged in to my email to get my password just to say thank you for the help. Why in hell does anyone need a password to post a question in a forum anyway? That too one day will get fixed I hope.

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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