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  • HI,
    I love the theme for my blog, and it’s closest to exactly what I want of anything I’ve found. However, it drives me nuts that the default for post text is justified alignment, and anytime I edit the text of a post in any way, it goes back to justified, unless I remember to once again left-align it before I save the edit.

    To try to work around how difficult justified text is to read, I have tried to indent paragraphs by adding spaces using <p> ” & n b s p ;”and putting a </p> at the end of each paragraph, and it works, but only if I leave the text justified and only if I don’t make further edits. If I try to left-align the text, it strips away the indents! I have also tried using “< br >” just to separate the paragraphs more, and not only did it strip away those when I tried to left align the text again, now I can’t seem to left align the text of my latest post at all and it’s permanently justified.

    I went into the css (and please realize, I do not know what I am doing), and searched on “justify” — I found two instances. One appeared to be in the main text and the other appeared to be for cloud text. So I left cloud text alone and changed the main text to “text-align: left”. Not only am I still unable to unjustify/left align the text of my posts, but now my whole left sidebar including the tags is unustified!!!

    What am I doing wrong? (I am not an idiot, but please explain slowly and completely as if you are speaking to one, I really have the most rudimentary command of these tools.)

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  • Oh, my blog is

    And trying to put the html for the “nonbreaking spaces” doesn’t display right here in this forum, so please don’t get on me for that! I do at least know rudimentary html!

    P.S. If you could also please help me change this gravatar, I never assigned this and I don’t want to spend an afternoon figuring out how to get rid of it!

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    For text indent, try the CSS;

    .wp-caption ~ p {
     text-indent: 20px;

    Do you still need to remove justify text?

    Thank you for your help! (Pls remember the part about “speaking” slowly and over-explaining as if I am dense…)

    So I inserted the text in my CSS after the last “.w p – caption ” code, and saved it, but when I go in to the editor to edit my post, the “tab” still doesn’t do anything, nothing will indent… Do I need to indent using html code only?

    Thanks for asking about justifying text — it appears (egg on my face) that I did fix the unjustify by changing the css code, I just wasn’t seeing it because I needed to reset my browser.

    However, I would like for the *sidebars* to be justified the way they were — is there any way to separate those two, the sidebar justification from the main post text justification? (Am I just imagining that the sidebar text was justified previous to my making that change? I’m pretty sure it was!)

    Thanks for your help!

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    For the sidebar text justified, try adding;

    #sidebar-2 {
     text-align: justify;

    By the way, this symbol ~ in CSS and the preceding selector represent a sibling.

    Child and Sibling Selectors

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