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  • Pretty nifty how it auto adds a new page to the tabs. But when I went from blog–>new page—>blog, the site admin button dissappears.

    definitely will play around with it on my local install.
    I did notice that a block quote seemed to push the sidebar to the right. I discovered it by accident, by deleteing a three letter word.

    Sure is. Did you get the options make working right?

    Not sure what you mean by options. I don’t see anything different in the options panel in dashboard.
    Note the bug I added in my first post.

    Well, since I wasn’t a fan was Kubrick to start with because every blogger and their grandma was using it, I don’t really like this one either.

    Yeah, it has some cool features, but every blogger is going to end up using it again. I hate being trendy.

    No options tab in dashboard. Moved the file to the plugins and activated. All other plugins deactivated. local install of on Mac OSX.3.9

    The tab is in Presentation..

    Note to all users trying to test Del.Icio.Us with Kubrick 2: First, install the delicious cached plugin. then, activate the plugin, create a folder in wp-content named delicious_cache.html, make it writable, delete it and check to see if your bookmarks show then!

    Enjoy. 1 bug found so far.

    Ah, didn’t think to look there. Interesting. How does the scheme .css work? If something’s there, it overrides the original .css?

    Answers own question…yes, k2scheme .css overrides style.css.
    Didn’t know it was that easy. Highly recommend that idea with anyone restyling another’s theme.

    Moderator James Huff


    Michael Heilemann, the developer of K2, would appreciate it if you would report all bugs and suggestions, as well as carry on any sort of K2-related discussions, in the official Kubrick and K2 support forum. The official Kubrick and K2 support forum is located here:

    I did see that in the CSS, but there didn’t seem to be any activity on K2. Also, I really don’t want to sign up and keep track of another area. So, I’ll simply not discuss any issues, if you are telling me this is not an OK place to. Didn’t know XeroCool wasn’t involved.

    Im not involved.

    Moderator James Huff


    This is probably the worst place to discuss Kubrick and K2 issues. Michael Heilemann rarely visits these forums, and he prefers not to. So, he wouldn’t hear of any bug reports, feature suggestions, or discussion items. This is why he has created, and maintains, his own support forum.

    Macman is right.

    And so I was introduced to flickr…I even wound up uploading some pics and getting one of those snazzy flash buttons.

Viewing 15 replies - 1 through 15 (of 17 total)
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