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    At this point it’s hard to see why this is happening, but it shouldn’t happen so let’s investigate.

    It could have something to do with your theme and/or shortcode settings (see plugin settings). These settings determine how and when the shortcode gets replaced.

    I think you are right. It might be because the theme but its weird that it loads jwplayer 5 not 6.

    in jwplayer 6 the player data loads from

    but in jwplayer5 the player data loads from the plugin folder.

    Do you think its because of that?

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    Can/Did you upgrade to version 2.0.2? And is it still happening with this version?

    Yes it is happening even thought I updated the plugin to 2.0.2.

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    Have you checked if your shortcode settings are the same in the settings of the JW5 plugin and the JW 6 plugin?

    What theme are you using?
    What other plugins are you using?

    I have not done any changes with the shortcodes. I am using the detube theme from that I bought.

    The shortcodes work on the post but not on the video holder.

    I am having the same issue on this page

    Upgraded to 2.0.2 of the plugin

    If I revert to JW5 it works

    Does anybody have old JW 5 installation files? JW6 doesn’t and I don’t have JW5 install files.

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    @tippa: Your bug seems to be related with a bug in descriptions of playlists. This bug is going to be fixed with the next update. For now it should work if you take out the description for your video or by using the JW5 part of the plugin until the update next week.

    @hamroportal: I don’t know what causes your problem. It can be the theme or one of your plugins. E.g. we located a similar problem, which is probably caused by the plugin Shortcodes Ultimate. Do you have a page where I can look at?

    Yes I have a page where you can look at it.

    As you can see in that page. In the video holder, the shortcode appear doesnot resolve to jwplayer but underneath in the post jwplayer6 loads fine.

    I really appreciate you giving your time to look into it.

    Thanks … I’ll do that

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    @hamroportal: Seems like the shortcode is not getting replaced, since we haven’t received more bug reports like this, I guess that it has something to do with your setup.

    Can you test a little with the “Shortcode settings”? They can be found in the admin under “JW Players” -> “Plugin Settings” -> Shortcode settings.



    hamroportal, did you find a solution for this? I am having the exact same problem.

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