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  • For audio-only controlbars, JW Player definitely does not show the fullscreen button. Here’s an example. I wonder how your setup differs so the FS button displays?

    As to your podcast, it includes the MP3 files with an “enclosure” option. JW Player supports “media:content” and “jwplayer:file”. Let us look into adding enclosures as well. We were under the impression that “media:content” was used by everybody in RSS nowadays…

    Overall, our customers agree JW6 is a vast improvement over JW5. It has much better HTML5 and mobile support, a much cleaner interface and advanced streaming/analytics/advertising options. I hope you can see beyond the initial items you’re missing and give JW6 a second try.

    Thanks for the link to instructions for the “audio-only control bar”. It seems from that page, and some of your other documentation about shortcodes, that I would simply have to make some minor adjsutments to the shortcode lines in my page containing the MP3’s.

    It seems that you have changed the syntax so that Pleyer Templates are to be called by ID number instead of by name. I will try that revised syntax, and I will also try the simple Javascript lines as described in the “audio-only” page, and let you know what results I get.

    That will just leave me with the podcast question. I hope you will be able to add “enclosures” back into JW6. As an alternative, I would be willing to edit the feed.xml file to get it into a format that JW6 requires, if there is a way to do it that would not be difficult.

    This failed (it produced a video player):

    [jwplayer playerid="1" file=""]

    but this produced a proper audio control bar:

    [jwplayer file="" height="30"]

    Instead of <enclosure>, we support the “Media” and “JWPlayer” extensions. You can see examples of both on this page:

    Let us know if either of these two work for you. If not, we’ll look into adding <enclosure> support to a subsequent release.

    Note that both extensions allow you to set preview images in addition to mp3 files.

    Thanks for this info. I read it, but it did not help me.

    I don’t know how to create an RSS file. I thought a podcast was a podcast. If the program that I used (Podcast Generator) is creating an outdated format, then if there is a simple way to convert it to the newer format, I would try to do that.

    Based on my understanding, or lack thereof, of the “media” or “JWplayer” format, I tried to edit my xml (enclosures) file to look like the newer ones. But it did not work, so obviously I did it wrong.

    We’ll work on adding support for these <enclosure> options to JW6. Here’s the ticket:

    When done, your feeds should load fine again in JW6 and you can upgrade the player.

Viewing 6 replies - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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