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    Hi RavanH
    In another forum post you said:
    create a stand-alone page that uses the full JW Player to play your FLV file and then open that page in a FancyBox iframe like this:

    link text

    This is the script JW Player recommends using to use:

    <script type=”text/javascript” src=”/jwplayer/jwplayer.js” ></script>
    <script type=”text/javascript”>jwplayer.key=”YOUR_JW_PLAYER_KEY”;</script>

    <div id=”myElement”>Loading the player…</div>

    <script type=”text/javascript”>
    file: “/uploads/myVideo.mp4”,
    image: “/uploads/myPoster.jpg”

    I am not a coder, I’m a total noob and know how to cut and paste, can you show me where your code would go? JW Player is recommeding your fancybox, and I’ll post your answer on thier forum; they have no support for this issue. Thank you SO much for your help.

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    With a stand-alone page, I mean a clean HTML file where you place all the needed HTML and script code that will make your video display when that file is accessed directly with a browser.

    You don’t need to be a coder for that but you do need to have some basic HTML / CSS skills… If you don’t, this might be a good opportunity to aquire them 🙂

    I’m sure at JW Player they give some samples of plain HTML files where a video is embedded? Start with one of those. Upload to your server, adapt it to display your own video and after that all works, you link to that files location from within any WordPress page, using a class=”fanycbox-iframe”.

    Sounds simple like that, I know, but you’ll have to get there on your own 😉

    Plugin Author RavanH


    UPDATE: I did some testing with JW Player and it seems to be relatively simple with that new version 6. See my step by step instructions on

    Yes, I’m back…still can’t get it working. On the page you tested above, that was not on a wordpress page. I copied all the page content and tried it in a wordpress page, the first player loaded and played, but the link didn’t work. Any suggestions?

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    On the page you tested above, that was not on a wordpress page.

    Ehm, you mean ? That is a WordPress page…

    Can you share a link to the page where you are trying this?

    Oops! Sorry, my mistake. I’ve finally got it working!!! Your plugin is AWESOME. The ONLY one working that I’ve found and I told JW Player this. Most of the plugins use iframe and you can’t use it for JWPlayer 6; the Google analytic info isn’t passed on. Congrats on a great plugin. One question, what code do you use for multiple players on one page when the links are images?

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    One question, what code do you use for multiple players on one page when the links are images?

    That’s a bit harder, because each player div ID needs to be unique plus each wrapping fancybox div to hide/show the inline content needs to have a unique ID plus its own link with corresponding hash. Plus you need only to include the main jwplayer js file only once…

    Maybe it would be easier if you install the official JW Player plugin and insert multiple players into one post using the shortcode system described on … then you should see after inserting one player something like:

    [jwplayer mediaid="22" player="3"]

    Now you could wrap this shortcode like so to hide it:

    <div class="fancybox-hidden"><div id="player22" width="640" height"360">[jwplayer mediaid="22" player="3"]</div></div>

    And link to it from an image like:

    <a href="#player22" class="fancybox-inline"><img src="..." /></a>

    Now continue with other players but remember that each new players wrapping div needs its own unique ID and corresponding link hash value.

    It worked PERFECTLY!!!! AND super easy to assign as many players as needed. Thank you SO much. Greatly Appreciated!! You’re the only one who could get this going so well.

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