• Before I commit to S2member pro, can someone help me with the following questions?

    1. Has anyone integrated with JVZoo without coding hacks?

    2. If I wanted to eventually sell my memberships via Clickbank AND Paypal Pro AND JVZoo, and possibly Affiliates Pro would this be possible?

    Thanks for the help!


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  • I did find talk of an upcoming JVZoo integration on the old S2Member support forum, but that was a couple of years old and no further mention of it after that.

    Also lots of people asking for help with this, but most of the threads closed with no response… seems JVZ want S2M to work it out, and S2M want JVZ to work it out.

    I did find a course on Udemy promising to show you how to do it so now I’m tossing up whether to spend money on that, or put it towards a different JVZoo compatible membership plugin?

    With regards your second question… easy enough to make different payment buttons in S2M, but a bit more problematic making affiliate landing pages and getting your prospects to the right order button…

    Probably easiest to set up one site with one option, then use ‘wp duplicator’ to create a copy and change the buttons, then repeat for the next option. A bit of a pain if you need to update anything, but keeps your affiliates happy.

    I’m giving up on S2. I’ve asked the question in their support desk (I own S2 Member Pro) and was basically told that if I google it, I’ll find something. Not cool.

    I own OptimizePress and the OptimizeMember plugin and guess what – they have a lot of info in their knowledgebase and videos on how to integrate with JVZoo. Apparently they want people to use their plugin and aren’t afraid to help them with that. And they don’t dump their support forum onto WordPress either.

    So long S2!

Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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