Jux.com hosted personal websites treated as spam? (4 posts)

  1. kesztio
    Posted 3 years ago #


    Cannot post a reply to any worpress blog when specifying my website as lumixchallenges dot jux dot com. These comments doesnt’t even get into the spam folder, they simply disappear as long I use a Jux.com-hosted blog as my website.

    Guys, Jux.com may be a competitor for you, but what’s wrong with them?

  2. Jux.com hosted personal websites treated as spam?

    Maybe. But the comment system that self-hosted WordPress installations use doesn't have a built in black list like that. Just putting in a URL won't cause the system to delete your comment, it should get either accepted, flagged as spam or at least awaiting moderation.

    There is an Akismet plugin setting that will automatically delete spam comments on posts older than a month (saves me lots of spam) but aside from that your comments to a new post should not get deleted.

    Do you have a self-hosted WordPress installation that you can try with? That way you can see for yourself.

  3. kesztio
    Posted 3 years ago #

    Hi, Jan,
    I’ve figured that my request went in a wrong place: The wordpress.com forum would be a much better place tu put this question as long I have particularily problems with wordpress.com blogs rather than self-hosted WordPress installation.

    But any help woul be welcomed.

  4. If it's a WordPress.COM issue then it sounds like you've asked in the right place. ;) Sorry but their isn't anything to be done her for there. COM and ORG are two separate things entirely.

    Hopefully they can sort it out there.

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