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  1. Sarah
    Posted 4 years ago #

    hi there, i am using wordpress for my sites http://a2zarticlesbox.com and http://humxpert.com. I used them for articles. I upload articles in a bulk from .txt files with the help of txt as post plugin. The problem i faced that my all upload posts are not justified and even other people contribute their articles they also don't justify them. Without justifying the posts give akward and ugly look. And its really annoying to read such ugly post. I have an idea to overcome this to make a plugin for it. But i cannot make a plugin because i don't know php. Please help me to make this plugin for me and those who need it.

    Plugin idea:
    the plugin inserts a simple code of justifying (style="text-align:justify;") into each and every paraghrap tag <p>.
    just like this <p style="text-align:justify;">. The plugin will insert the justifying code in all posts.

    thats all the plugin idea. I know it is easy and will have hardly 30 to 50 coding lines.

    Please email me when you done,

    what you'll get if you make it and offer it for free. You will get millions of backlinks and also a fam. Thank you

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