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  • How can I really justify a horizontal navigation menu in wordpress theme? I am making thematic child theme. (more about thematic:
    I need my navigation menu to be justify:

    But I can’t figure out how can I do that?

    Here is the html and css code:
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    Please help me! Thanks!

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  • Really nobody knows how to do that?

    you can change the padding in this class
    #access a {
    padding: 0 3em;
    This changes the right and left padding equally. So you only need to increase this value till your menu items spread the way you want.
    (ie: the above url’s menu items will spread out nicely if you give 3.8em padding.)

    thanks, but this wont work if I add more menu items in navigation. And I am making theme for other person who would not like to change css every time he add new menu item.

    .menu ul{
    	display: table;
    	width: 100%
    .menu li.page_item{
    	display: table-cell;

    I already tried this, it is not working

    Still no usefull answers? I’ve got the same problem, and even if you WOULD like to change the CSS every time, if you zoom out the last buttons appears on the next line and I don’t want that to happen.

    So really guys.. no tips or tricks at all?



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    Try posting a new topic instead of posting to an 8 month old thread.

    Ok if you say so.. but i thought i’d only get comments about double thread if i’d do that..



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    Not with such an old thread. We’ve had a couple of WP updates since this topic was first posted,. 🙂

Viewing 9 replies - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)
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