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  • Hi everyone!
    I love Word Press! I’m in the process of getting a blog together, and there’s a lot there already, of articles about Guardianship fraud here in Florida and around the country. Please let everyone you know about this site and what to look out for when they enter into retirement age. By all means discourage retiring in Florida. Guardianship is a national disgrace, but it’s particularly bad in a retirement state because there’s more elderly to bilk and abuse.
    Thank you!
    Main site.

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  • wow your front page of the blog has like 100 000 words!

    It looks good, but you really need to use the < ! – – more – – > tag! WAY too much text on the front page.

    Human rights are not politics. Abuse and fraud affects all people from all walks of life without regard to political or religious affiliation. If you read the stories of the victim’s plight, you will see that it has nothing to with politics and everything to do with a system run amok. The violations made by guardians and the court who appoints them is a nationwide disgrace (Money Magazine). AARP recently wrote an article about it. This affects young and old, especially the disabled and the elderly.
    Yep…didn’t know about the more tag. Will do.
    Thank you!!!

    >>nationwide disgrace
    but perhaps not pertinent to non-US non-Floridians.
    The point is that it does not help anyone gain new knowledge about wordpress, and such. Please do not take it seriously, I am sure Podz was just trying to keep it relevant, so to speak 🙂

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