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  • Well, I’ve had a couple themes before this. Even though they were a lot of work, etc…they all started based on another theme.

    This is the first one I’ve done from scratch, and barring anything I didn’t notice (I’m good at that), I think it’s a wrap!

    I’d love a bit of feedback on

    (I know some folks don’t like the red and black thing, but that’s been my logo/company colours for some time….it’s sticking around)

    I just wrapped up the sidebar (I’ve never done one properly before) and unfortunately, I don’t have FF handy to test, so hopefully I got this right before unleashing it!

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  • esmi


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    It looks fine in FF3.6. Just a slight horizontal scroll bar at 1024px but no content is being clipped.

    Your rotating twitter(?) display on the Home page is just a little too fast read (and I’m a fast reader). The content is also being cut off at the bottom of some of the slightly longer entries (those that wrap onto 2 lines. Maybe increase the height on that div from 48px to about 53-58px?

    The search button in the header blends in just a little too well. I almost missed it as first glance. Otherwise some nice graphics in there. Not so keen on the offsite link graphics in that top bar but I think that’s just personal taste. I did, however, notice that I couldn’t tab through that bar at all – which is something of a hot topic of mine.

    Don’t like all of the social icons at the bottom of every post. I suppose they’re kinda cute when they pop up but the colors of even the half-hidden ones seem too distracting to me. I’ll try for some more positive points now…

    – try increasing the line height in the post content area to around 1.3em to 1.5em. I think you’ll get far better readability.

    – add some styling to the two dropdowns and the submit button in the sidebar. The easiest way to do the latter is to style on input[type=submit]

    – shadowbox might suit the site better than thickbox for the images.

    – try using a abbr {text-decoration:none} to get rid of the default abbr underlining when it’s part of a link.

    – love the facebook and twitter icons!

    I’ll shut up now. 😉

    awesome feedback, thanks! A lot of the things you mention kind of came up after I posted this topic. The twitter thing I’m gonna adjust a bit…. I’ve actually had it on there for a month, and it would never show up. It reads post tags and finds related tweets…..but it just wouldn’t ever work. Yesterday afternoon it just showed up!

    I agree with the social media icons….I just added that plugin yesterday, I’m going to design some icons of my own with a more appropriate colour scheme.

    Increasing the text size is probably a good idea….I keep everything tiny on my computer so I can see lots of stuff….so to me the text was kind of big already….but I’m not really designing for me!

    Styling on the dropdowns is a great idea….I hadn’t even thought of that for some reason…that’s where I’ll be starting today. Also, thanks a lot for the abbr pointer. The underlining doesn’t happen on IE so I didn’t even see that until I got home, and I actually had no clue what that was!

    Appreciate the feedback a lot! Got some tweaking to do!

    From a design point of view, I shudder at blatant beveled edges – but that’s a personal opinion, so if you like those I can’t tell you to change them.


    1. I have to agree with esmi on the search bar feeling hidden. Perhaps make it a different color to stand out? Even just black with white letters would make it pop more. I couldn’t even find it at first.

    2. I love the sliding doors you’re using below the main nav (and just above the twitterfeed).

    3. There’s not really a focal point. I don’t know what I’m looking at or supposed to do when I land on the page. Some suggestions to help: Make posts obvious and separate entities – bigger bolder headlines, perhaps even a different background color for the entire post. Remember that a site is about solving your reader’s problems – not solving yours. They want to read your content, so make it easy to see it!

    4. I’d make the RSS feed icon pop a bit more. It looks like another regular navigational piece in the sidebar. You want people to subscribe, give it some flair! Change colors – maybe make the skull and bones white? Right now it’s camouflaged.

    All that aside, I think you’ve got a good foundation here. Good work! I hope that my feedback is helpful.


    Thanks very much for the detailed advice! I’m really going to have to do some work with the search bar it sounds like! Also going to look into the post titles a bit more…..they do seem to blend in a bit

    I was afraid of getting a bit too bold….or something with text sizes, etc….but sounds like I could tweak that a bit for sure.

    Much appreciated!

    i have to agree with anne, the rss icon isn’t as clear as it could be the text just needs to be more legible and it’d solve that

    i have no problems with your colour scheme, i think red is an under used colour (for its associated reasons i guess), but i think adding a complementary colour for post titles as an example would help (i don’t mean this in a bad way just a suggestion)

    hope this is of help

    Thanks! I’ve been going back and forth about exactly what I want to do with the post titles….. I do feel they blend in too much currently.

    Hey this looks really good. congrats on your awesome theme!

    Here’s one suggestion I personally would make…. set Sexy Bookmarks to show on Posts Only. It looks a little crowded on the front page, and finished. People are used to seeing share bookmarks at the end of the post and might miss that there’s more to read.

    Also- grammatically,in your navbar – “Who Are the Voodoo Empire” should be “Who is the Voodoo Empire” or “What is the Voodoo Empire” as you prefer. The reason is collectives are referred to as a single entity.

    example: the audience is made of up a lot of people, but collectively, those people make up one single audience.

    Haven’t been on here in a bit….been tied up.

    But thanks for the input! I’ve been totally back and forth on the sexy bookmarks thing. I agree they look crowded there…. but most of my posts are smaller blurbs that require no click-through….. I’m afraid they wouldn’t be used at all if they were on post view only… But yeah, I don’t completely like how they look there. I though editing the icons to subdue them a bit might help. Something to think about.

    Oh, and the grammatical error is intentional… 😉

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