• All I can say is WOW
    I have been looking for a blog for months and have tried most of them.
    Most were junk or did not do what I needed.
    WP WOW
    It installed without a hitch, took all of about 5 mins (its true, its true)
    is all I needed to get me started on the road it make my blog my OWN.
    Simple to change the layout to what I wanted.
    I had a bit of trouble with the Permalink
    but as the wordpress-2004-04-22 nightly builds its works like a charm!
    One of things that I still don’t understand RSS
    The docs still need a bit of work but I can live with that.
    I have 2 blogs going and 1 more on the way
    keep up the good work!

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  • Welcome! Your blog looks cool!
    Work is underway on the docs, and help is always a search away on these forums.

    Mark (podz)


    Support Maven

    Glad to know the tutorial is cool 🙂
    If there is anything that is not in the tutorial about the WP CSS that you think should be, or anything that could be explained clearer – in fact if there is anything that could be done to make that tutorial better, please say so!
    Either post here, or use the contact form on my site

    Echoing the above comments, I’m very pleased with my initial impressions of WP.
    I used to use postNuke, but wanted something more blog-like. I tried Zope, Plone, coreblog, greymatter, MovableType (MT), TextPattern, and finally WP. I’m sticking with this one!
    Zope, Plone and coreblog all have way too much complexity for a home blog. greymatter and MT both use Perl, which I don’t personally like or understand. I much prefer PHP and mySQL.
    WP was probably the easiest of all the above blog tools to install. Congrats on that. I’ve had to hack around a bit since I installed it the night before last in order to figure out a couple of things: e.g. how to display the blogdescription field ( bloginfo(‘description’) ) , how to show random quotes, how to improve my MT entries. I still don’t know how to display text with exactly the desired attributes – I’ll have to study the tutorial and the docs.
    Congrats on the very clear instructions in the install.
    midtoad’s mess.ages.

    I too, tried many a blog proggy. pLog was the first and has potential but just isn’t as supported as WP. I needed one with an active support core, where peeps didn’t get all touchy with you if you asked for help.
    Kudos (cudos?) to the creators of Word Press. This is the blog I will stick with from now on.

    Marks of good software are that it installs easy, features work as advertised, comes with the features needed to perform tasks for which software is advertised to perform.
    WordPress delivers on these.

Viewing 5 replies - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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