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  • Ive just upgraded to the new 2.6.3.
    No problems, everything went fine.

    Logged into site to find that in every post where I had inserted a
    [gallery] of images…. the images are not posted.

    I checked the dashboard post….thinking that something had happened to the [gallery] code in the post. But nope, its still there….

    and when you go and click on Insert Media….. it actually has the number of images that were supposed to be in the gallery there, but when you select gallery. NOTHINGS there!

    What has happened? I have no idea HOW to fix this. Anyone else had this problem? How do you fix it?

    Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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  • media.php underwent some changes – you might have a look at that

    Changed files

    Thankyou – but Im not that ‘code’ savvy.
    Im not sure what I would have to do to fix the issue.

    Sorry. But could you please let me know what to do.

    Now I cannot add images at all. They go in the gallery and then I can’t use them. A bit of a problem since it’s a photo themed blog.

    I am having the same issue as jmcachran. I can upload photos fine, they just can’t be inserted into posts for some reason. I went back and read the old thread regarding pictures from the last update, and I tried some of the fixes there (i.e. adding an htacess file) but no luck


    Same problem here, across multiple sites. You would think that if Automattic released an upgrade with a bug that disabled one of the core’s functions that another update or patch would be soon to follow.

    This issue occurred on some of our sites on our old host, but continued after we migrated to the new one. Likewise, it didn’t happen in others before we migrated, but did after we migrated and upgraded.

    Our new hosting company created a fresh installation and tried to reproduce the issue but couldn’t.

    So it would seem to be limited to 2.6.3 upgrades but not to fresh installations.

    Can we expect a 2.6.4 anytime soon to fix this?


    This issue is happening again on a photoblog we just upgraded to 2.7. Any solutions, yet? The others seemed to be fixed the next time we upgraded.

    I never ended up fixing the issue. I have upgraded to 2.7 and havent used the WP gallery feature yet.

    I use the Plugin NextGen Gallery, its brilliant, you should give that a go.

    same issue here. uploading is fine – manually entering the shortcode [gallery] doesn’t work either. I’m using version 2.8.4


Viewing 12 replies - 1 through 12 (of 12 total)
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