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  • I just manually updated our WordPress web site to version 3.5 by copying the updated files in the download over the files in the root directory. The first time I accessed the site it said the database needed to be updated to match the WordPress version. it said that completed successfully. However, when I tried to access the site from Internet Explorer 9, it just sits there with a blank page and the IE icon in the tab just rolls and flashes. However, the site comes up fine in Firefox. What might be the problem??

    The theme I am using is PureVision. I DO NOT have the option of changing the theme! I am heavily invested in this theme.

    I also found that I can login using the admin portal, then display every page EXCEPT the home page.

    This is high priority, so any help will be greatly appreciated. Thanks.

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    I DO NOT have the option of changing the theme!

    I’m sorry but you’re going to have to bite the bullet and change themes as part of the initial troubleshooting process. You need to try:

    – deactivating all plugins to see if this resolves the problem. If this works, re-activate the plugins one by one until you find the problematic plugin(s).

    – switching to the default theme to rule out any theme-specific problems.

    resetting the plugins folder by FTP or PhpMyAdmin. Sometimes, an apparently inactive plugin can still cause problems.

    – re-uploading all files & folders – except the wp-content folder – from a fresh download of WordPress. Make sure that you delete the old copies of files & folder before uploading the new ones.

    All of my pages display fine EXCEPT the home page. The home page hangs up in IE9 and Firefox. However, I can browse to any other of our many pages and they work fine.

    I fear that if I change the theme and then change back, that I will lose my configuration on the current theme. Am I wrong, or is it safe to change to another theme to test and then change back to PureVision and see it the way it was?



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    I will lose my configuration on the current theme

    Whilst we cannot vouch for every single theme out there, that should not happen with any well-coded theme. All theme settings should be safely kept in your database.

    Would there be any problem if I restored my web site to its previous state before I copied in the updated 3.5 files? The MySQL database updated after I updated to WP 3.5. Would that cause an issue if I restored my web site file from version 3.4.x?



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    Yes – unless you also restored an appropriate pre-upgrade 3.4x database

    I do not have a pre-upgrade database copy to restore! Yes, I know I should have backed it up. But I have no tool to back it up. What do you think about the fact that it is only my home page that does not work?

    By the way, I deactivated ALL my plugins and the home page still will not come up. It locks up both IE9 and Firefox. ALL the other pages work fine.

    I looked at the ReadMe file in the root directory. It said of manually updating (which is what I tried to do):

    Updating Manually
    1.Before you update anything, make sure you have backup copies of any files you may have modified such as index.php.
    2.Delete your old WordPress files, saving ones you’ve modified.
    3.Upload the new files.
    4.Point your browser to /wp-admin/upgrade.php.

    What does it mean by “Delete your old WordPress files”? I deleted NOTHING. I just copied the 3.5 files OVER the existing files. I had not modified index.php, but I do have a backup copy of every file before the update.

    ALSO, I did not run /wp-admin/upgrade.php, unless that ran automatically. I did get prompted to update the database version after the manual copies. Is that what upgrade.php does?


    It appears that the site is now working? Here is the series of steps that I went back and did that finally ended with the home page working:

    1. I prayed (not a joke)
    2. I stopped the web site on IIS.
    3. I recopied the WordPress 3.5 files OVER the existing files.
    4. I started the web site back up.
    5. I logged in as administrator (/wp-admin)
    6. I updated all the plugins that said they needed updating.
    7. I updated the Twenty-One Theme, even though I am not using it.
    8. I went to the “home” administrator page. The page where it says “Welcome to WordPress.”
    9. I pressed the “Customize Your Site” button to see what came up.
    10. Ta-Dah! My home page (front page) came up.
    11. After that I cleared the cache in IE9 and Firefox and tried again. The home page came up at

    I did a lot of fanagling around for hours before saying, “Okay I will start from scratch.” Thus I went back and did the above 11 steps, ending in a working site (I hope).

    I HATE upgrading, as it usually results in this high-anxiety, high-blood pressure night of doom. However, let me give credit where it is due. I am a Christian and took time out to pray and ask the Lord to lead me to a solution. Others prayed as well. On the heels of those prayers, things began to come together.

    I worked 17 years as an aerospace engineer at Cape Canaveral and oversaw launch-critical systems that had to work during the count, else the mission was held. I had many times where perplexing problems came up, I was at a loss for answers (at my wit’s end), and I prayed for guidance. We never had to hold a launch for any of the issues that I prayed about. Thanks for letting me share. God bless.

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