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  1. HD1234
    Posted 1 year ago #

    ARRGH... having the same issue as a few mentioned above:

    After everything was working great for the last year, I just updated to the latest version of WP 3.6.1 and the player has simply disappeared. On the Haiku forum page someone voted that it is working fine with the WP update.. not for me though.

    Tried updating the Haiku player again (Version 1.1.0), but they still aren't appearing. Everything else on my site works fine and the player/MP3 coding is still intact in the admin area, the players just wont appear. So I haven't a clue what the issue is.

    Each player is a preview for a product... without the players/previews (obviously) customers wont purchase anything.

    I'm desperate for some help on this issue. Anyone find a fix or have any suggestions that may help resolve this?


  2. cyrilfb
    Posted 1 year ago #

    The problem of the graphics wrapping on itself and not drawing correctly and incorrect time display was resolved. The player and some information text about the music are always shown in an html table. I finally fixed it by using style entries like this:


    /* mods for music player tables */
    table.player {table-layout: fixed; width: 100%;}
    td.player {word-wrap: break-word;}

    On my music page:

    <table class="player">
    <td>[haiku url="GuitarBallad.mp3"]</td>
    <td class="player">Guitar Ballad - Electronic guitar - 9 December 2013.</td>

    I also changed to the twentythirteen theme which helped the poorly drawn play button.

    It still will play multiple mp3s at once if the player is on a page multiple times. Has no one got a fix for that?

    My website music page is: http://cyrilfb.com/music/

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