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  • The update deleted my previous settings.
    The graphics are not as clean as the old version.
    the time shows overlapping the bottom of the play bar.
    With multiple pieces on a page clicking one does not turn off another.

    The old one worked so well! why have you done this?
    This was the best. Now it is nearly the worst. Unless the things above can be fixed, I will have to change to a different player.

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  • Yes, I’ve tried, still no luck. I’m sticking with 0.4.6

    Thanks for this nice plugin !

    I fixed the mp3 links replacement problem in version 1.1.0 by replacing, in haiku-player.php :
    if ( !empty($haiku_mp3_replace) ) add_filter('the_content', 'haiku_replace_mp3_links');
    if ($haiku_options['replace_mp3_links'] === 'true') add_filter('the_content', 'haiku_replace_mp3_links');

    Same problem for [audio: link.mp3] replacement, it can be fixed the same way, by replacing :
    if ( !empty($haiku_audio_replace) ) add_filter('the_content', 'haiku_replace_audio');
    if ($haiku_options['replace_audio_player'] === 'true') add_filter('the_content', 'haiku_replace_audio');

    Hope this could help !

    Had to revert back to older version as nothing showed up any more and going to settings gave an internal server error

    I’ve been using version 0.4.6 on a site for a while now. My PLAY button links to a URL, where live ballgames are broadcast during football and basketball season.

    Updating to 1.0 made the PLAY button disappear so I restored to the old version. Today I decided to give 1.1.0 a whirl. PLAY button disappeared again. And – when I attempt to go to “settings” I have the same problem as Julie, above – “You do not have sufficient permissions to access page.”

    So I’ll be going backwards again.

    Help. The old version just stop working and this is what shows. Try to use the new version and it just break the design of my page.
    here is a link to my page
    ANy help

    jPlayer 1.2.0 : id=’haiku-player1′ : Error!

    Problem with Flash component.

    Check the swfPath points at the Jplayer.swf path.

    swfPath =

    Error: a._getMovie(…).fl_play_mp3 is not a function

    Plugin Author momnt


    Hey lolaso81,

    You’re using an outdated version of Haiku, does updating to the most recent version help at all?

    The new version was breaking my design and didn’t play at all so a reinstall the old version

    I tried Gentlefish’s “patch” today, but it didn’t solve my problem…

    The patch by Gentlefish worked for me.

    @momnt when can this get further tested incorporated into the plugin ?

    Thank you for a good plugin, just need to fix the replace all mp3s issue

    I use haiku player on a website I manage Just noticed today the player simply disappeared. What do I do?

    I have the same exact problem. Any solutions @nirish?

    The best solution I found, @topherdu4, was to start using a new plugin. I’m using MediaElement.js – HTML5 Audio and Video and it’s working great so far. Just had to go back and re-code all my audio to use the new player. Good luck!

    That’s what I was afraid of… hopefully the code isn’t too much different. Thanks for the plugin suggestion.

    We are using the Haiku Player Plugin on with wordpress 6.0 multisite install and WPML Plugin. It works fine with Firefox, Chrome and older Versions of IE it doesn´t work with Safari 6 and it doesn´t work with IE 10

    Any workaround?

    ARRGH… having the same issue as a few mentioned above:

    After everything was working great for the last year, I just updated to the latest version of WP 3.6.1 and the player has simply disappeared. On the Haiku forum page someone voted that it is working fine with the WP update.. not for me though.

    Tried updating the Haiku player again (Version 1.1.0), but they still aren’t appearing. Everything else on my site works fine and the player/MP3 coding is still intact in the admin area, the players just wont appear. So I haven’t a clue what the issue is.

    Each player is a preview for a product… without the players/previews (obviously) customers wont purchase anything.

    I’m desperate for some help on this issue. Anyone find a fix or have any suggestions that may help resolve this?


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