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  • Plugin Contributor Dale Mugford


    Hi, when you say randomly working, do you mean some pages are mobile while others aren’t?

    That’s usually a sign of a caching plugin which has not be configured for WPtouch.

    Do you have a caching plugin active?

    Well what I have found is that every single time that I update WP Touch 3, the Android devices requires a full removal of cookies and cache!

    I do not have a caching plug in active.

    Also can anyone explain why all my menus are not displaying in the same way as the last version did even though they are ticked in the WP Touch control panel?

    I have to say that I don’t think this upgrade is quite as nice looking or as slick on mobile devices and I have a feeling that the developers are sort of pushing us towards the paid version.

    It now also transpires that every time I add an article to my WP site the WP Touch 3 Plugin does not display anymore on my phone (web page not found) and again I have to empty the cache out of my Android phone for my new post to be displayed.

    Very disappointed at this and will just end up deleting it as it has literally gone backwards.

    Plugin Author BraveNewCode Inc.


    Hi Last Ten,

    We definitely are NOT pushing people towards Pro— This release took us 1000’s of hours to make and providing (what we think is awesome software!) for free for users like you is our way of thanking users of the free version, not trying to make them go Pro.

    It’s a big BIG update— with lots of changes. Some users have issues and we’re working hard to help everyone out and sort out issues.

    Can you tell me what Android phone you have? Also, is it active n your site right now, and what’s the url so we can take a look and maybe sort out why this is happening.

    Thank you for your reply, I do realise that you guys have put a lot of work in this free plug in.

    My Android devices are Samsung Galaxy’s and as I said before after every amendment in the control panel the total cache in the phone has to be purged or a Web page cannot be found error comes up on the Android device.

    The plug in is actually deactivated due to these problems.


    Plugin Author BraveNewCode Inc.


    Hi Last Ten,

    We can’t help you fix the issue if the plugin is not activated.

    I got a few issues with the new plugin too.

    The content/page title taking up 1/4 of the page – That’s ugly, how can I remove it.? I don’t have titles on the desktop page, I don’t want them on the mobile version too.

    And the main site title in the header use to “shrink to fit” now it doesn’t so I’ve lost more than half my title.

    And finally I use to like the way you could choose the header font colour. now you cannot. 🙁

    I might revert back to the old one if these issues don’t get addressed 🙂

Viewing 7 replies - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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