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    Its only been up for awhile but I’m pleased with it, Word Press is very nice. I need some ideas though……

    atm being a user you can really do anything, I was thinking maybe adding a review catergory so users can review things but then it would appear on the front page when I only really want news to be on the front page.

    Anybody know how I would do this or got any other ideas for things for normal users becuse atm there is really no point in signing up, heh.

    I’m also messing around with the index.php file but so far the text is repeating itself……

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  • *bump*

    This is probably better suited to the How To & Troubleshooting section to get your question about the review category answered.

    As for “ideas,” your site at the moment really doesn’t tell me what it’s about, either via the design or content. i.e. it doesn’t really have it’s own identity. I think that is your first step, to put an individual stamp on it. Working towards that will expose you to many ideas along the way. For those of us viewing your site right now it’s rather hard to answer such a question though.

    Visit sites like Podz and the codex to learn how to further customize things. And visit as many blogs as you can and you will no doubt find ideas you want to impliment.

    I’ve decided to let normal users post articles. I made new catergories such as guides, tutorials, reviews etc.

    Hopefully it’ll get more people interested in the site and more content.

    Thanks for replying.

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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