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  • Release 0.2.1 adds the ability to also attach the uploaded zip file by checking a box in the upload window.

    About the plugin:
    Just Unzip takes a zip file you upload from the “Write” page, unzips it, stores the zipped files in your upload folder, and associates the unzipped files with the current post. Just Unzip makes use of the PclZip php library (LGPL Licensed). WordPress 2.0.x is currently supported.

    Please post concerns and comments about this plugin here.

    If you are a developer, you can submit patches using the trac software installed at

    I wrote this software because I needed a quicker way to get several files attached to my post at once. The muliple uploaders were ok, but I just wanted to do it in one shot and still use the wordpress uploader rather than a 3rd party tool like ftp .

    Thanks for looking.

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  • yikes. the 0.2.1 release has a bug: i didn’t put the new uploader file in it! D’oh! I’ll fix this in about 3 hours and then update the thread.

    False alarm. I don’t know why I thought there was a bug – there’s not.

    I have an error on the post page.

    Fatal error: Call to undefined function: wp_nonce_field() in /wp-content/plugins/just-unzip/inline-uploading.php on line 811.

    What can i do??

    AdrianMartin: upgrade your version of WordPress.

    Viper007Bond: Thanks…
    It’s working fine. Thanks

    I am using Just Unzip and I love it. First of all, thanks for creating such a helpful plugin! I have one problem though that I need to fix in order to use Just Unzip fully. The problem occurs with same named files within zip files.

    If I upload a zip file that contains files named “image001.jpg” and “image002.jpg” it creates the thumbnails and associates them to the post just fine. If on another day, I upload a different zip file that just so happens to contain the same named files (but they are actually different), then Just Unzip will OVERWRITE those original files.

    I’ve REALLY tried and tried to modify the plugin to name these files differently but with no luck.

    Is there anyway to assign a random number or directory to these unzipped files so there is no collision with files that are already uploaded?

    You can see how this problem affects my blog:

    Any help that you can provide on this issue would be GREATLY appreciated! This will soon turn into a bigger and bigger issue for me.

    Any ideas? Please help!

    it just doesn’t do anything on my WP 2.1 blog.

    i activated it and uploaded a file, but it just shows the zip file.

    Do i need to install that PclZip library?

    Same situation as dbasulto. pclzip.lib.php is in the folder so that shouldn’t be a problem…

    Aha! In WP 2.1, there is no inline_uploading.php; it has been replaced by upload.php. Now let me see what I can do…

    Ugh… I don’t know how to write WordPress plugins…

    Hey all. I haven’t checked this thread in awhile. I’ll try to address the issues mentioned above. The 0.2.1 release supports up to WP 2.0.x. It looks like I’ll need to make a few updates to have it work with 2.1, and I’ll wrap the no-overwrite code into it as well.

    Thanks for the advice. Look for a new version within the next week.

    jrevillini, have you had any luck?

    Hi all.

    I created a new unzip plugin, built upon and meant to replace Just Unzip. This version has a number of improvements (and a few degrades*) over the original, but most importantly – it works properly with latest versions of wordpress.

    *I can’t be bothered to hack together a frontend for the plugin settings.

Viewing 14 replies - 1 through 14 (of 14 total)
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