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  • Hi,

    I just helped a friend transfer hosting. The guy who was serving as the admin forwarded the below email to me, but when I try to log in, the password won’t work. He cannot access the site either. I’m not sure what the admin email is. How do I reset this?

    Congratulations on the installation of your new WordPress site!

    This email contains information on accessing your new installation and support options.
    Access URL:

    You can use the following information to administer your new site.

    Admin Panel:
    Admin Username: admin
    Admin Password: the password they sent

    Please note that Bluehost can only support the installation, upgrade, and removal processes of WordPress. Support options for WordPress can be found at

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  • Did you try the lost password function?

    If that doesn’t work, review: Resetting Your Password

    The problem is, I’m not sure what email is associated with the account as the admin. I tried the guy’s who was formerly handling it, mine and the main addresses attached to the website and none worked.

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    Have you communicated this issue with, “The guy who was serving as the admin”? Perhaps he sent the wrong email address.

    Yes, of course I have. No dice.

    Just reset it via phpmyadmin or the config file then.

    I’m not very advanced…phpmyadmin seems a bit over my head…

    Doing it via PHPmyadmin is the only resort left. Its like 5 minutes of work though.

    Login to your cpanel
    Head over to PHPmyadmin
    Search for wp_users table
    Find the admin, edit the email ID, then use password reset to get new password OR edit the password there itself by editing the MD5 hash (this is the complex way to do, you might not be interested in this method, just change the email ID field and reset the password that will kill the bug)

    Do I have to sign-up with PHPmyadmin first? After I went to PHPmyadmin in the cpanel, there is an initial login page, it auto generated a login name but I’ve never signed in. When I used the link to reset the password it took me to “Reset My SQL Password.” Is this something I want to do? Again, sorry if my questions sound lame. I helped a friend transfer hosting and I solely manage content, not a programmer etc. so this is throwing a wrench in the works for me and I’m not getting much help from the guy who initially set up the site and used to manage it. Thanks!

Viewing 8 replies - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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