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  • i-chinastyle


    I have a website about how to make all kinds of Chinese delicious food.

    For example:
    How to make mooncakes?
    How to Make Zongzi?
    How to Clean a Carbon Steel Wok?
    How to Buy a Wok?

    If you are living in China or interested in Chinese food, welcome you visit my website, I will update the “How to” information frequently.

    Please visit

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  • isaacyassar


    Nice blog. I like Chinese food, especially Fuyunghai 😀



    I couldn’t get the page to load.
    Bummer, I love Chinese food and was wanting to see a food site.

    To patrickjamesfay,

    Sorry, my website server error in 17 Dec, But now is ok,you can visit, hope you have a good travel in my website.

    Thank you for the helpful information! I have bookmarked your site and will be a regular visitor. It is a wonderful way to learn more about your culture and food. If you have the opportunity, can you write an article on what teas you recommend. I would like to go to my local Chinese market and be able to purchase tea. I’d feel lost without a bit of guidance.

    Thanks again for a wonderful site.

    I like Chinese food also

    To stylepeterson,

    Thanks for your appreciation! If you are interested in Chinese Tea and want to purchase some, maybe i can help you. I know more about tea culture and tea suppliers, if you want, please don’t hesitate to contact me by mail: [moderated]

    looks really delicious^_^

    nice clean design, I love Chinese food

    I like the site. Nice, clean layout. I’m wondering why you have only 5 articles per page, though. Since you are displaying only excerpts, I think 10 would be fine. Also, you have some really great photos on your posts. I’d like to see you display a thumbnail when viewing the home and category pages. Lure us in with the nice pics! 🙂

    Also, since you cover such a broad range of topics, you might want to consider a home page template that shows the most recent post within each category. Like “Recent from Chinese Food”, “Recent from Chinese Knots”, etc.

    You might want to consider a featured article section at the top of the home page. This would look great with the photos you have and could feature some of your more popular or recent posts.

    It’s nice and delicious site for Chinese delicious food, I like Chinese food

Viewing 10 replies - 1 through 10 (of 10 total)
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