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  • this was the first email i received from the plugin telling me that some a-hole from mexico (i looked up the ip) was trying to force his way into the site using an ‘admin’ login, and just got turned down.

    with that in mind, not sure if the author will respond or not, but would anyone be willing to share their thoughts on the following questions to make this process even better?

    1. if ur using any setting for this plugin other than the default, which ones, and why did u change them ?

    2. any recommendations for a few simple, light-weight plugins to do the following:

    a. permanently blocks ip addresses, if i choose to, by manually entering them into the plugin
    b. track and easily look up an ip address using a google map or whatever else the plugin uses

    this is a wp multisite i’m putting together, so the plugins need to be wp network compatible.

    appreciate any input.


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