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  • I have 5 images. I would like each image to fade out and fade into the next. This works but is flawed in many ways.

    #1 All 5 images are loaded – and then displayed to the users browser 1 under the other, this looks absolutely hideous and must be a bug. If not it’s a horrendous over-site! This really shouldn’t happen and as far as presentation is concerned scores 0%. Once all images have loaded they then all ‘snap’ back in to place and perform as they should, but it looks horrible when the page first loads.

    #2 Under the heading ‘Thumbnail Size and Styles’ there is the box Image size. Images are scaled to the values in the box whether ‘Crop thumbnail to exact dimensions’ is selected or not. Completely wasting the servers processor time and forcing the author to select a fixed size for all images.

    #3 Custom CSS is flawed. For example – #foogallery-gallery-1983 { } is displayed as the ID. But when you select the element in Firebug the ID used is in fact #foogall-1983 – Therefore nothing you write in the CSS text box will work. Unless you inspect the element yourself and use the appropriate ID.

    #4 Images flicker between fades (though this doesn’t happen initially it does happen if left for a while and looks terrible.)

    Poor, buggy and in my opinion a low quality add-on to Foogallery. I don’t have time to hope these updates are made as I’m in a hurry. I’ll re-write this plugin myself and post it back when I’m done. It’s not a disastrous plugin by any means, there is hope – it just isn’t there yet.

    Best Wishes

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  • Plugin Author Matt Cromwell


    Sorry you’re unhappy. I just pushed an update which may address a few of your issues. Typically though, slow JS is not because of the plugin because of the multitude of other processes happening on your page that are queued before the Owl JS can trigger. So, you may want to look into optimizing your site for page speed.

    But, since you didn’t give me a chance to provide any support for any of these issues, it doesn’t feel as if you really are all that invested in this. Can’t please everyone (since you’re review, as you’ll notice is in the minority). Best of luck!

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