• Just started using this again after making some changes to slugs that are ranking well in google.

    Strange bad reviews with this plugin, there is nothing wrong with it, it works perfectly fine. Some user experience is required when redirecting URL’s and the proper way to do it. Site configuration (such as SSL) will determine how redirects happen as well as many other factors. This plugin simply redirects a URL -> NEW URL as 301 Redirect, that is all, everything else after this point has nothing to do with the plugin.

    It bothers me when I see “bad” reviews for a developer trying to make money with a free plugin, this developer at least allows the two notices to be dismissed and never to be seen again unlike many other popular plugins with dashboard nag screens every time the dashboard is loaded.

    However, I do recommend the developer fix the example on the interface above the redirect url section that shows an example of the URL.

    example: https://www.yoursite.com//new-page/

    Should be a single slash

    example: https://www.yoursite.com/new-page/

    Great work, I appreciate the plugin.

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  • Hi @xolite,

    Thank you for the detailed review. We really appreciate it. Also, thank you for pointing out the issue regarding the double slash on the example URL.

    I’ve already informed the issue to our dev team and we’ll fix this very soon.

    Have a great day!

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