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  • Hi,

    I just started with wordpress. Got it all installed ok but with the other blogs I did I never had so many features. Where and how exactly to I edit my templates. My blog is at Where it says: Home, Archives, About and Contact-I want that gone—Because I will have that information in my sidebars. If someone could just tell me as I am “NEWB” to this where to go to delete those. Once I get there I can handle all the coding, but I need to know where to go. Blogger–All I had to do was edit the template-EASY–is there also a system that kind of works like that here. Am I just overlooking something.
    Any help is GREATLY appreciated.


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  • It should be in your theme’s “header.php”.

    in your WP Admin > Presentation > Theme Editor

    you will see the code for all the templates in your theme

    (under WP 1.5.x anyway…. not sure about WP 2.x)

    my themes “header.php” I know that but thank you, I am just wondering how do I edit this? Through FrontPage or what, with blogger you just went in and edited the template. What do I do here? I am truly lost. Please be specific-Thank You for your repsonse.

    Well I always just edit my stuff in Notepad.

    do as dgold said:
    in your WP Admin > Presentation > Theme Editor
    You will have a list of files you can edit there.
    Themes files must be CHMOD 666 for this to work.

    IN Filezilla do I go to ADVANCED? What is the situation on that little popup box?

    Advanced is where you specify what folder to start with on your comp. – in the left work pane
    Below that is where you want to start in your site directory – the right work pane.

    Ok So how do I make all my files be CHMOD666 for themes?

    Stay away from frontpage, it’s rubbish. Just use a text editor, it’s much safer.

    ok thank you,
    sry for the duplicate threads, just trying to specify information.

Viewing 9 replies - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)
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