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  • Hi there!

    First I want to say that this plugin has a lot of potential and I’m all about a good achievements/points system on a website. So I tested this one out for one of my new projects and here’s my feedback and stuff. 🙂


    • Wish the categories for badges were separate from actual post categories. Instead, they are all combined.
    • There’s no way to edit a badge that has been assigned to a user… only unassign the badge from user.
    • Badge list shortcode outputs a column for the badge description, but the description doesn’t display at all.
    • When manually assigning badges, it doesn’t store the same settings that I set for the badge.

    For example: I created a “Newbie” badge for all newly registered users with an expiration date of 30 days and 50 points.

    But when I manually assign the badge, it doesn’t “inherit” those settings. So the member doesn’t have an expiration date on the badge, nor do they have the extra 50 points.

    Yeah I *could* manually add the points, but that’s just extra work.

    • When there are no assigned badges for a user when displaying the dashboard shortcode, I get the following error:
    WordPress database error: [Table 'gameyourheart_com.wp_broo_user_assignment' doesn't exist]
    SELECT SUM(CASE WHEN type = "points" THEN value ELSE 0 END) AS points FROM wp_broo_user_assignment WHERE user_id = 1 AND ( NOW() <= expiry_dt OR expiry_dt IS NULL ) AND status = "approved" AND created_dt <= "2015-01-01" AND created_dt >= "2015-12-12"

    Yes, those dates are from last year, but it still shouldn’t output an error.

    Some improvements that I suggest for the plugin:

    • Have badge categories separate from post categories
    • Allow the editing of assigned badges
    • When manually assigning badges, have an option to inherit the settings you have for that badge.

    Some new ideas for the plugin:

    • Allow a new badge to automatically be assigned when another badge expires. Example: ‘Newbie’ badge expires after 30 days, then a new badge is assigned to “replace” it. (IF badge expires DO this. ELSE expire badge.)

    Just my feedback! I want to help improve the plugin because like I said, it has a lot of potential! 🙂 Have a wonderful week!

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  • Plugin Author dpowney


    Thanks for your feedback! Some great ideas for improvements. I will add these on my TODO list on GitHub.


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