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    Hi, I just created a new post and when I went to preview it – totally blank screen. So I published it instead: still a totally blank screen. Page source code on the URL (pls see below) is completely blank except for a greyed out “1”. My server is running ok, I can get content from the parent directory but nothing from my wordpress blog I can access the dashboard fine and it says that my post has been published.

    Also (perhaps unrelated?), the dashboard version update message says that I should update to 3.5.1, but apparently my hosting’s MySQL version won’t allow that – but the updater detects that I have WordPress 4.1.22 even though when I go to “About WordPress” from my dahsboard it says I’m looking at v3.4.1. Not sure how I can have a version from the future…?

    Any help very much appreciated, thanks!

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  • The white page seems related to either the theme or a plugin.
    Most likely what ever theme you are running.
    Did you edit any of the files, theme or hopefully not WP core?
    You may have left a BOM or white space or even a PHP parse error in there.
    If the host does not show errors then you could endup with a white page.

    So if you edited the theme make sure your edits are good and that there are no mistakes.

    If its a downloaded third party theme try one of the default themes and see if that fixes it.

    As for the MySQL issue, that is going to be a problem with the hosting. If the MySQL version is to old, its up to the host to keep that stuff up to date.

    Thanks folks, I’ll give it a try. I hadn’t made any edits to the theme since the initial batch some months ago and it hadn’t behaved this way before, but I’ll revert and see how it looks. Much appreciated.

    You were right – somehow saving/publishing had changed the modified stylesheet and re-pointed WP to its original css file. All fixed now, thanks very much for your help. Cheers.

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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