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  • Hi there!

    Thanks for a superb and well working plugin. I’ve tested allmost all available bg-plugins and yours is the only on loading my pg image correctly in various screen resolutions (even mobiles) and on IE, Firefox, Opera etc.

    I just have one wish for next version, a checkbox for just one image on whole site. (Or your existing one “Everywhere (except Admin pages)” that I have selected now) I now have pointed the plug to a gallery folder where I have my bg image. And when I enter various site pages the bg reloads and “blinks” ever time a page reloads. I understand that’s the case when I use it with various images on various pages or use a slideshow effect. But since i Inly use one image over the whole site it would be nice to skip the reload every time. Will make the site faster and server load less as well.

    Or an option specific for “just one image” where i can set the image url or browse up the image specific for just that function.

    Hope this function / feature can be added! 🙂

    Thanks in advance for your great work!

    // Rodge

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