Just Noticed: All upgrades from 2.0.4 versions to 2.1 lost my archives (1 post)

  1. PetLvr
    Posted 9 years ago #

    I've been noticing that on several blogs that were at version 2.0.4 .. the upgrade didn't go to good (weeks later)

    For instance: on my PetLvr blog ...


    I've got almost 2500 posts .. and there's A LOT of archived posts that had a MORE statement is now permanently part of the text, and the rest of the article is missing.

    I never used the more quicktag, although I did use the Evermore plugin. Prior to upgrade, all plugins were deactivated though.

    I upgraded on February 4, 2007 and noticed on February 10th that there was problems with my Autosave function and I was getting the white screen
    but nobody from wordpress replied or offered any solutions.

    Now - I've posted 67 articles since the upgrade and half my archives before that are totally wacked.

    What can I do? I did do sufficient backups of the MySQL database prior to the upgrade. Is there a hope in heck to recover this disaster?

    I need guidance - PLEASE!

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