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  • I am testing WP2.0 on a test blog on my hosting site and I really like it. Special thanks to the wonderful WYSIWYG editor. I especially like that I finally can move pictures on my posts where I want them :smile:. Can’t wait for the final release on WP 2.0 – thanks guys for the hard work you have put into this..

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  • Who paid you to say that… lol

    (Y’all know that editor sux)

    *snicker* Lady, you beat me to it….

    I don’t understand all the hating’ over the WYSIWYG editor. Sure, it could be better (there’s room for improvement on anything), but I’d rather bitch about the nearly nonsensical uploading feature. But I wont bitch, I’ll just use Fetch FTP to upload my pics and hope that the uploading feature is improved or changed back to what it was before.

    And while many of the improvements are cosmetic, I like them.

    Oh, WP 2.0 will be great someday. When all the bugs are worked out . . . the permalink bug, the link category before and after bug, the Pages bug, the rss bug . . . did I miss any?

    I’m just wondering why this was released before the bugs were shook out. Could it have anything to do with that awful Yahoo WordPress Hosting?

    I don’t like the uploading feature either. My thinking is, if it isn’t broken, then don’t fix it. The thing that I really like about WP over MT was the uploading feature. It was very nice.

    I guess I must be the only person in the world who simply uses normal ftp to upload…. I just don’t get it with needing an “uploader”….

    vkaryl: maybe it’s easier to upload with the uploader feature 🙂

    You’ve got IE if you need to upload. Besides, using a built in uploader means you have to upload to their standards. I prefer total control!

    *Is dictator of his domain*

    ozzie123 – no, it’s not. I tried it…. ftp is about the simplest thing in the world. It’s even simpler than using the file upload feature in cPanel.

    Well, so much for my thanks to the hard working team – btw, didn’t get paid for it :)…
    This is an open-source-software and I still think that it works for my purposes. I am not a programer and greatful for people how write blogging software. I up-load my pictures through SmartFTP (another open-source & free software)…

    Well, and sometimes I just go to my FTP manager on my server…:)

    Well, I’m assuming this will get fixed as soon as the devs are back from holiday….

Viewing 12 replies - 1 through 12 (of 12 total)
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